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Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Hydride (NADH) - A Keystone in Metabolic Processes

Introduction: Understanding NADH's Vital Role

At Wuxi Vega Science Co., Ltd., we are at the forefront of manufacturing Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Hydride (NADH), a pivotal coenzyme in metabolic and biochemical processes. This comprehensive introduction to NADH is crafted to encapsulate its multifaceted nature and underscore its significance in health and disease management.

Physical and Chemical Indicators:

Molecular Formula: C21H27N7O14P2
CAS Number: 606-68-8
Molecular Weight: Approximately 703.44 g/mol
Solubility: NADH is soluble in water and polar solvents.

Metabolism and Disease: The NADH Connection

NADH stands as a cornerstone in metabolic processes, pivotal in fueling cellular bioenergetics. It's involved in crucial redox reactions and serves as an electron donor, essential for efficient energy metabolism. Understanding its role opens avenues in disease management and therapy, a domain we delve into with our high-quality NADH products. Discover more about our commitment to health and research on our product page.

Combatting Aging and Disease: NADH's Therapeutic Potential

Our NADH product not only sheds light on the aging process but also offers insights into cancer and neurodegenerative disorders' treatment strategies. This aligns with our dedication to exploring new therapeutic avenues and enhancing life quality. Learn about our innovative approaches in battling age-related diseases at Vega Science Research.

NADH in Cardiac Health and Cellular Signaling

NADH's essential role in cardiac metabolism and cellular homeostasis is undeniable. It signifies its potential as a therapeutic agent in cardiac diseases and conditions influenced by cellular signaling pathways. Our research in these areas is detailed at Vega Science Cardiac Health.


Mitochondrial Function and the Biochemical Role of NADH

Central to mitochondrial energy metabolism, our NADH product supports the mitochondria's critical functions and regulates key metabolic pathways. Such insights are fundamental to understanding cellular energy dynamics. Explore our findings on mitochondrial health at Vega Science Mitochondrial Research.

Versatile Applications:

NADH's versatility opens up a world of possibilities for its incorporation into formulations:
Dietary Supplements: NADH is a sought-after ingredient in dietary supplements targeting energy support and cognitive health.
Energy-Boosting Formulations: Embrace NADH's potential to fuel energy-boosting formulations, promoting sustained vitality.
Brain Health Products: Utilize NADH in formulations designed to support cognitive function and mental alertness.


Safety and Compliance:

The safety and well-being of our customers are our top priorities. Our NADH raw material undergoes comprehensive testing to ensure purity, potency, and compliance with relevant regulations.

Conclusion: NADH's Multidimensional Impact by Wuxi Vega Science

Wuxi Vega Science Co., Ltd.'s NADH represents a convergence of science and health. As we continue to explore NADH's potential, we remain committed to providing scientifically sound, ethically produced, and environmentally sustainable products. Stay updated on our latest developments and insights in the field of biochemistry at Vega Science Insights.

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